To be the CEO of a comapny is the fantasy of every individual but not many are ready to face the struggle that it takes. For those who don’t know me, I suffer from cerebral palsy.

I was born in the suburbs of Lahore. My early school years were tough as I was reprimanded at school a lot and was thrown out of grade 5 because I was not meeting the teacher’s expectations.

Because of my cerebral palsy, I was bullied by fellow classmates who called me a freak! The abusing was verbal as well as physical.

My family moved to Lahore and it was not any easier. After multiple rejections, I got into a new school and wanted to be at the top, not an average student I used to be. I got permission to take exams orally and with assistanceI because I could not write fast or well enough. When I passed my matriculation this way, I now had proof that things can be changed; that ways could be found for what I intended to do

That's how I ended up in Punjab University Lahore for my undergraduate degree in Commerce where I began to get acquainted with computers, a relationship that would go on to last a long time. I was fascinated to learn that my handwriting did not matter in the world of computers.

How I ended up in BlockChain Technology?

9 - 5 Career

During my undergraduate, I got my first job – a milestone that nobody around me had deemed possible. While it was just a menial clerical position, I was now convinced that everything was for the taking. Computers were my calling so I enrolled in a Master’s program for Computer Sciences and surprisingly graduated with highest grades in class!

Right after graduation, I secured a Software Engineer position at a software company. Over the next several years, I worked at some prestigous organizations as a computer programmer and started teaching programming to others as well.

Throughout this time, something nagged at me; a desire to go beyond this 9-5 routine, a desire to do something big. I wanted to run a business of my own!

Business Career


I quit job and went on an entrepreneurial journey with a startup called Qisst.pk - an online platform for retailers, allowing them to sell their products online through an installments-based eCommerce marketplace. My aim was to address the issues involved in cash payments, high markups on installments and retailer monopolies by digitizing the whole installment based retail ecosystem.

However, what I wanted to accomplish through rejuvenating the most ubiquitous commerce infrastructures in Pakistan was not an easy feat. It required creating awareness among the masses and convincing the retailers. Without a budget to see the project through, it became increasingly difficult to continue. My partners lost faith in the idea and left. For these reasons, Qisst.pk was put on hold.

Blockchain Expert Solutions

While I was finding a way to not let this ship sink, two of my friends approached me to join a flailing firm offering Blockchain development services. The idea hit me and I decided to take the challenge up, naming the new venture Blockchain Expert Solutions. The team set off working with a handful of clients from the previous venture and with some loan taken from my family to setting up a small office in Lahore.

Fast forward five months later and Blockchain Expert Solutions has grown to 40 employees and upgraded office in a bustling commercial area of Lahore. The company offers Blockchain services to clients all over the world, including ICO and Cryptocurrency systems development and boasts of a healthy clientele portfolio.

BlockChain Expert Solutions is one of the pioneer organizations utilizing BlockChain technology in Pakistan.

To expand our network and multiply our reach of services, we just signed MOUs in International Blockchain Symposium 2.0 (IBS 2.0) in Malaysia among several blockchain and crypto organizations from around the world.

The event was organized by DDK empowering blockchain and FinTech enthusiasts about latest techniques and upcoming opportunities in the industry.

From being the top scorer in an intense entrepreneurial bootcamp to leading a team of employees, to running my own startup, I never gave up! Though, I had trouble controlling my muscles due to cerebral palsy but I never allowed my disease to present as an excuse, always took full ownership of whatever I took pup!

I totally believe that BlockChain is the Future. Blockchain technology could unlock new sources of financing and mobilize existing industry pledges to establishing new financing platforms along with lowering the cost of capital for multiple projects, improved liquidity, transparency, and expanded access to finance. Pakistan has huge potential for business and Blockchain Technology can be a great catalyst to accelerate this process!

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